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Standard Interior Window Cling Placement Video

Standard Window Cling Large Window Cling

Standard Google+ Local Interior Window Static-Cling

Product Description

These Bright Interior Window Static-Clings are great for raising awareness for your Google+ Local Page(s) and encourage new LOCAL reviews and Social Network activity for your Google+ Page(s). This is a pack of 4 Standard Google+ Local Window Static-Clings perfect to place on inside windows or under glass counter-tops. They are great to display your Username or Info clearly and effectively to those around you thanks to a visible design and bright colors. That means people who see them know where to go to check out the latest posts, updates, pictures, special offers, or any of the latest news you've decided to share online! They are perfect for inside windows so that folks outside walking by or coming in can see them on their way in. (If you choose 'double-sided'- then on the way out too!) Placing these Stickers where visitors are most likely to see them lets visitors know that your brand is active online and is sharing information to others! More and more people have smartphones these days and are able to load up the Google+ Local App- and follow your Page or write a review right on their Smartphone, post pictures and more! Now our popular Standard Clings can optionally have NFC tags programmed and included if you choose to have them making it even easier for visitors to share! Your posts on Google+ can potentially be shared with friends and family locally, just one of the many benefits of local digital word of mouth! These materials for Google+ have helped many organizations develop a stronger and more local online following!

4 Standard Facebook Stickers are specialized Static-Cling Decals with a strong backing and protective covering. The back of the Cling will have a very thin protective layering that you may wish to remove after placement, or you can leave it on and take it off later. These decals are designed to be placed on the inside window to display your design facing out. The colors are long lasting and so is the stick. The decal is Semi-adhesive Static Cling, meaning it is easily removed or repositioned but it really stays stuck thanks to the semi-adhesive attribute. Installation is extremely easy, simply peel the white layer off the front of the sticker and place it onto the inside window. If you want to increase awareness of your Social Media Communities we know our unique marketing & awareness materials will accomplish the job! This one small investment keeps working for you over and over again.

NFC Enabled Smart Interior Window Static-Clings for Google+ Local
Optionally you may wish to include NFC Programmed Tags with your items. With this option we can program NFC Tags for you to place underneath the Stickers so that when someone with an NFC capable smartphone brings their phone near, it will take them to the corresponding Google+ Local Profile automatically! NFC stands for "near field communication" and you can learn more about it at nfc-forum.org and on wikipedia. Basically, most new smartphones come with NFC built in, and NFC makes it extremely easy (much easier than QR codes) to send information to the smartphone or device. Each sticker can be programmed by us to take the device to a specific URL (Profile Page, Video, Etc). We can program it for you so that all you do is type your username and we do the rest. Then when you get your stickers and NFC tags, simply place the NFC underneath the sticker by the NFC logo. Instructions will be included with each order. You must choose the NFC option for your stickers to come with programmed NFC Tags. If you do not choose NFC we will not send you NFC. If you made a mistake and forgot to order NFC, you must request to cancel your order and re-order with NFC.

As the number of smartphone users tends to grow each and every day, we recommend getting NFC Tags with your items if it is within your budget. The easier it is for a customer to scan or acces your Social Profile, the more likely they are to Follow/Like/Interact with your Brand and be a part of your growing local online community!

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