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Small Round Dot - Instagram Stickers

Product Description

This is a pack of 300 Instagram Dots - Small (0.5 inch!) Round Instagram Stickers featuring a clear Instagram logo. This is a fun and simple way to raise awareness of your Instagram Profile and encourage visitors to stay connected! Have you already printed your business cards and forgot Social Media graphics? No problem! Stick one of these on and don't worry-- it's small enough not to cover anything important! Let people know they can join the conversation about you or your brand / band / or organization online and get special offers, discounts and participate. It is a lot of fun to include these dots on envelopes and mailing items as well as product boxes or promotional items. They are small and unobtrusive Instagram stickers for business cards! Placing these Instagram Stickers where customers are most likely to see them lets customers know that your group is active in the Instagram Community and is sharing information to others online via the Instagram Social Network. More and more people have smartphones these days and are able to load up the Instagram App- and follow your Instagram profile! Your posts on Instagram can potentially be shared with friends and family locally, just one of the many benefits of local digital word of mouth!. Our Customized Instagram Materials have helped many groups who have established Instagram Profiles develop a stronger and more local Instagram following, ultimately developing a core group of local followers around their Instagram community who really support the group locally!

300 Instagram Dots are Permanent Stick, Long-Lasting Colors, Gloss Finish, Tough (Semi-Vinyl) Small Round Stickers. They are a lot of fun to place on business cards, envelopes, and small product boxes. We've had customers put them on lip gloss items, promotional items, salon hair product boxes, food containers, burger and sandwich wrappers, small electronics packages, business cards, flyers, drink cups, guitar picks, shoe boxes, dental-care packages, and many more interesting places! If you want to increase awareness of your Social Media Communities we know our unique marketing & awareness materials will accomplish the job! This one small investment keeps working for you over and over again.

We love getting to know our customers and the brands behind them- make sure you say hello on Twitter: @followmesticker, Facebook, or Google+. We love to promote our customers as an added bonus for ordering some stickers so drop us a line!