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Vine Design
Pack Type

1.83" Small (4.6cm)

60 Small Indoor

Set of 60 Indoor only Premium Quality Personalized 1.83" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers

60 Small Outdoor

Set of 60 Outdoor/Indoor Premium Quality Personalized 1.83" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers

200 Small Outdoor

Set of 200 Outdoor/Indoor Premium Quality Personalized 1.83" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers

NFC 200 Small Outdoor

Premium Quality Personalized Set of 200 Small Outdoor including Pre-Programmed NFC to match your social profile url - 1.83" inch wide AnyCling™ NFC-enabled Removable Circular Stickers


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Product Description

These 1.83in circle stickers have been a long time coming, and now they're finally here. Introducing the All-New Small Circle Stickers for Vine in several different options. Our new budget material is a removable and glossy sticker suitable for indoor display, the material is a minimal adhesive and is very easy to remove. Next up is a removable Glossy AnyCling™material which is UV-protected, completely removable, safe for expensive equipment such as laptops even with a firm stick, the AnyCling™ items feature bright and beautiful colors and work perfectly on glass, metal and even expensive equipment. The last option is a removable outdoor option featuring the AnyCling™ outdoor composite. This has been extensively tested for both indoor and outdoor display in extreme weather conditions and is the most versatile sticker type we have, not only that- it is completely removable and safe for all your equipment or to place outside on glass windows or smooth surfaces indoor or out. Hand these budget circle stickers for Vine out to help promote your Vine page around your location. Placing these removable Vine decals where visitors are most likely to see them lets them know that your organization is active online and using social networks to promote online, locally! Encourage others to join in on the conversation! DJ's and music artists can use these small circle stickers to help promote their shows. Event organizers can place them around the event without worrying about damaging what they're placed on. Businesses can place them on shelves and not worry about having to remove the glue. The budget stickers can easily go on your products or shipments without fuss. Every small Vine circle sticker features your personalized and unique url or information at the top of the sticker, that's what makes our stickers so special is that extra customization that lets your visitors know exactly where to find your online community. Our personalized social media promotional materials have helped thousands of organizations with establishing their social network profiles. Displaying personalized social media stickers can keep working for you and help your organization grow a stronger and more local social media following over time.!

Sizing & Details

Your personalized circle stickers for Vine are 1.83 inches wide. They come in three options: Budget - AnyCling™ Indoor, and AnyCling™ Outdoor. The budget items are a simple removable adhesive, while the AnyCling™ are specialized static-cling with UV Protection. If you want to increase awareness of your organization locally we know our unique materials will accomplish the job! This one small investment keeps working for you!

Why is this useful or important?

Social Networks form (limited) lines of communication between people in the real world, be it textual, graphical, audio or video- these networks encourage communication between individuals and groups of people. Your organization can benefit from growing a following on these networks because your message has the potential to be spread or shared among members of the networks. Think of building your online presence as a local social gathering with your organization as just one of the participants. This is your opportunity to provide more value to your visitors and encourage a conversation, as well as get feedback. Our personalized materials have helped many businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, bands, government programs, parks, recreation programs, small business, franchises, artists, nail salons, barbershops, bars, clubs, individuals and many other organizations who have established or begun establishing an online social-media presence develop a stronger and more local online following. Never buy followers. Your local community has to grow organically through time and consistent effort and persistence. Displaying these beautiful stickers at your location will enhance the effectiveness of your existing local social-profile awareness campaigns as well as start conversations regarding your online presence.

Where can they be used or placed?

The great thing about AnyCling™ is that it can be placed on (or cling to) nearly ANY flat indoor surface. The outdoor AnyCling™ is suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement. The outdoor version can survive extreme cold, wet, and hot temperatures. This means smooth surfaces like wooden doors, glass displays, mirrors, fridges, smooth walls, equipment or flat plastic items. The stick strong but entirely removable. Additionally it can be placed on most electronic devices or machines, fridges, cabinets, perfect for Laptops, iPads, Tablets, at Checkout or similar areas without any risk of damaging the expensive equipment.

NFC Enabled Smart Stickers

Optionally you may wish to include NFC Programmed embedded Tags with your items. NFC as small antennas that certain smartphones can read. With this option we can program NFC Tags for you and embed them inside your stickers as part of our service. When someone with an NFC capable smartphone brings their phone or device near, it will take them to the corresponding page automatically! NFC stands for "near field communication" and you can learn more about it at nfc-forum.org and on wikipedia. Simply put, most new smartphones (except for Apple devices) come with NFC built in, and NFC makes it extremely easy (much easier than QR codes) to send information to the smartphone or device. Each sticker can be programmed by us to take the device to a specific website. We can program it for you so that all you do is type your username and we do the rest. You must choose the NFC option for your stickers to come with programmed NFC Tags. If you do not choose NFC we will not send you NFC. If you made a mistake and forgot to order NFC, you must request a (or we will) cancel your order so you may re-order with NFC.

As the number of smartphone users tends to grow each and every day, we recommend getting NFC Tags with your items if it is within your budget. The easier it is for a customer to scan or acces your Social Profile, the more likely they are to Follow/Like/Interact with your Brand and be a part of your online community.


Product Specifications

Small Circle Stickers for Vine

  • Minimum Quantity: 20
  • Width: 1.83" inches 4.64 cm wide
  • Designed for: Budget applications - Indoor - OR - Outdoor & Indoor Display, Removable
  • Material Used: Budget Removable — AnyCling™ Removable Outdoor Composite or Indoor AnyCling™ Removable.
  • NFC: Optional NFC Programming and Tag Embedding! (Not supported by Apple devices yet)
  • Instructions: Clean Surface with water (no strong chemicals) before Placement.
  • AnyCling™ items come with UV Protective Layering
  • Outdoor composite survives extreme temperatures.


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What is AnyCling™?

AnyCling™ vs Budget Removable - what is the difference?

The Budget Removable material is a simple adhesive sticker which sticks firmly but is easily removed. The AnyCling™ however is a specialized combination of materials, they give the stickers much brighter colors, a smooth glossy shine, UV Protection, bright and light whites (much less yellow), and a much tougher, protective, longer lasting surface. AnyCling™ lives up to its name by clinging onto nearly ANY smooth surface- this includes Laptop cases, Smartphones, Tablets, plastic containers, smooth wood, glass displays, glass dividers, inside windows, smooth posters or canvas, and many other flat surfaces. AnyCling™ has been tested on many surfaces and works particularly well on Laptops and Tablet devices. It is completely removable and remains firmly placed. No fuss- It is easy to remove and easy to place. AnyCling™ Outdoor Removable has been tested in extreme conditions including all-day hot dry sun and freezing cold wet rain and a combination of both. The Outdoor composite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor display and shows bright colors and features a beautiful glossy UV Protective shine, yet is completely removable. Made in the USA! To learn more about AnyCling™ visit our sister site http://anycling.com


Help / Instructions

Highlight and replace the username or hashtag that appears in the material preview or below the product preview. Note: This is only a rough preview. If the username or hashtag does not fit- don't worry. We always check every custom text and make sure they fit every time. Some usernames/hashtags will have a max limit! If the preview is starting to look a bit strange- try and hit refresh and start over. If it looks ugly, don't worry it's only a preview. If you are still unsure be sure to email us a request for a proof. If you're still having troubles, let us know!

Each product type has different options for quantities & extra's. For example: some might have Permanent Indoor, while others might have AnyCling™ Removable or 'Budget', some might have Indoor vs. Outdoor, while others might have optional NFC. This is because we've had so many different organizations and individuals request stickers that it requires us to provide a really wide variety of materials and options for all the possible placements. It's important to consider the placement of your stickers before ordering and consider which type of sticker will work best for your campaign. If you are unsure and need help with this, let us know!

Some items have QR (or NFC) The QR code you see in the preview is not a final one. QR Codes and NFC Tags are generated as part of our service based on the URL you place in the preview or during checkout. We'd really prefer if you place your username in each preview as that helps us make your items faster. If you are ordering circles simply place the URL in the form below the circle. We use goo.gl to generate free QR codes and provide free stats upon request. We can send QR codes before you place an order if you'd like to make sure let us know!(or request a proof during checkout!)

There is a 3-6 day preparation time for all orders, due to the complexity of materials and personalizations and wide variety of organizations ordering from us and we try to get through the queue as quickly as possible. After that preparation time orders are shipped. Shipping domestic (USA) takes between 2-5 days. Shipping international takes anywhere between 10-15 days. Expedited rates are available. If you need to have Table Tents and Social Media Stickers for your Trade Show or Event however, be sure to order well ahead of time, at least two weeks in advance, let us know your event is coming up so we can bump you to the top of the queue while we strive to keep the orders efficient there is always a chance of complications with Shipping or other unexpected delays.

If you'd like your materials to be in your language, or if you'd like it to say "Me" instead of "Us", among any other text changes, there is a message box during checkout to specify your own wording. We've done many different languages including French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Greek. Just let us know during checkout! You can also make completely 100% custom stickers on http://anycling.com, our sister store. You can also request a completely custom graphic design for your stickers from http://shinycovers.com Our graphic design partner - just order the General GFX package or use the contact form on our contact page and let us know!

If you're stuck or need some clarification- we're here to help! We also love feedback (good or bad)... no seriously, we need all the feedback we can get- we hardly ever get any feedback! Customers are generally happy but your critical feedback helps us improve. PLEASE tell us how you are doing? We love making new products a reality for you- Contact us and let us know!


Protect / UV Protect / Moisture Protect

'UV Protect' is now included in most of our Indoor Sticker types and Removable Indoor AnyCling™ Stickers, it is a (glossy) layer of protection that will help your stickers last a lot longer and look great. It is also used on the Outdoor Stickers, as well as the WinDECAL™ Window Decals.

The layer protects from the UV rays of the sun keeping the colors bright and shiny. The layer also has a glossy shine and keeps the stickers looking clean, protecting it from dirt, oils, and moisture.

However, Permanent Indoor Stickers or budget items will not last very long outside in the drenching rain, extreme temperatures, and harsh cleaning chemicals. The 'UV Protect' is also used on our Outdoor Sticker Types, these Stickers are designed to last both indoors and outside in the rain, in the hot sun, and in freezing temperatures! Check to make sure you've chosen Outdoor or Indoor options depending on where you will be placing your Stickers.

Our Permanent Indoor stickers and budget items are NOT recommended for outdoor use unless described as Outdoor. If you need interior window clings for glass that sticks on the inside window and faces outside, try our WinDECAL™ Window Decals.


What is NFC?

Some items come with NFC while others do not, check carefully to make sure NFC is available. NFC stands for "Near Field Communication" and you can learn more about it at nfc-forum.org and on wikipedia.

IMPORTANT: You must choose the NFC option for your stickers to come with programmed NFC Tags. If you do not choose NFC we will not send you NFC and most likely cancel and refund your order. If you made a mistake and forgot to order NFC, you must request to cancel your order and re-order with NFC, otherwise we will cancel your order and you will have to re-order.

Simply put, most new smartphones and devices come with NFC built right in, and NFC makes it easy (much easier than QR codes!) to send information to the smartphone or device. When an NFC tag is added underneath a sticker or behind a window decal, all a fan of your brand needs to do is hold their NFC-enabled device nearby and the device will react to the tag. They must have an NFC-capable device. Many Android devices are capable, and there are rumors that Apple might decide to allow it on the iPhone soon. For many of our NFC-enabled materials we typically embed the NFC tag into your stickers as part of our service, however, some items do not come with the tag embedded.

NFC Enabled Smart Stickers for Social Media

Fans of your brand will come to recognize this symbol, it is the NFC symbol which represents any NFC related device or marketing material. This is the official symbol from nfc-forum.org. (The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum is a non-profit industry association that promotes the use of NFC short-range wireless interaction in consumer electronics, mobile devices and PCs. ) You can learn a lot more cool things about NFC including news and updates on the industry at http://nfcworld.com Each tag can be 'programmed' to do specific tasks, such as open a URL, play a YouTube Video, or visit a Social Profile! So... optionally you may wish to include NFC Programmed Tags with your items. With this option we can automatically program NFC Tags to place underneath the sticker so that when someone with an NFC capable smartphone brings their phone near, it will take them to the corresponding page automatically!

As part of our service: We can program it for you and usually embed them for you too! All you do is type your username and we do the rest!

Instructions will be included with each order.

As the number of smartphone users tends to grow each and every day, consider including NFC Tags with your items if it is within your budget. The easier it is for a customer to scan or access your Social Profile, the more likely they are to Follow/Like/Interact with your group and be a part of your online community. Encourage your followers to use your hashtag and develop an ongoing conversation around your organization or brand.



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