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SoundCloud Circle Design
Pack Type

3.45" Wide 'Mega's' (8.76cm)

2 Mega Outdoor NFC

Set of 2 NFC-enabled Outdoor 3.45" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers

2 Mega Outdoor

Set of 2 Outdoor 3.45" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers

2 Mega Indoor NFC

Set of 2 Mega 3.45" inch wide AnyCling™ NFC-enabled Removable Circular Stickers

2 Mega Indoor

Set of 2 Indoor 3.45" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers


4" Wide 'LRG's' (10.16cm)

2 LRG Window NFC

Set of 2 NFC-enabled Interior Window Decals 4" inch featuring the WinDECAL™ composite Removable Circular Window Clings with embedded NFC tags.

2 LRG Window

Set of 2 Interior Window Decals 4" inch featuring the WinDECAL™ composite Removable Circular Window Clings.

2 LRG Outdoor NFC

Set of 2 Outdoor 3.45" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers with NFC-enabled Tags.

2 LRG Outdoor

Set of 2 Outdoor 3.45" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers

2 LRG Indoor NFC

Set of 2 Mega 4" inch wide AnyCling™ NFC-enabled Removable Circular Stickers

2 LRG Indoor

Set of 2 Indoor 4" inch AnyCling™ Removable Circular Stickers


*NEW* 6" Inch 'ULTRA's' (15.24cm)

1 ULTRA Window

One Six Inch (ULTRA) Size Interior Window Decal

1 ULTRA Window NFC

One Six Inch (ULTRA) Size Interior Window Decal WITH NFC

1 ULTRA Outdoor

One Six Inch (ULTRA) Size Outdoor & Indoor

1 ULTRA Outdoor NFC

One Six Inch (ULTRA) Size Outdoor & Indoor WITH NFC


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Circular / Round / Circle SoundCloud AnyCling™ Stickers

Product Description

Increase digital word-of-mouth with SoundCloud Circle AnyCling™ Stickers. Each Sticker is fully removable with a firm stick, has a beautiful glossy finish with a UV protective layering. The stickers are brightly colored, highly visible, and feature a unique and elegant design to display your SoundCloud Page URL or SoundCloud Web Address.

Sizing & Details

Each Circle Sticker comes in three different sizes, 3.45 inches, 4.5inch LRG, or prominent 6.5inch ULTRA. This 4.5 and 6.5 are very large and visible while the 3.45inch are subtle yet effective. The text and fonts are crisp, clear, legible, and attractive while the colors are bright and photo quality. The border around the predominantly white design is proven to be eye-catching and increase awareness as it separates the design from most backgrounds. Careful attention has been paid to ensure consistency in positioning and ensuring up-to-date brand guidelines have been followed.

Why get a Mega AnyCling™ Sticker?

Circular AnyCling™ Stickers are made from a long lasting, durable, detailed, and high quality material (Made in the USA) and they are perfect for promoting your organization’s Social Profiles locally. Our Circular design is unique, highly appealing, and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its round shape. Keep your surfaces looking extremely awesome with these specialized Circular promotional items. AnyCling™ is the perfect option for your Music, Band or Artist needs, making it the perfect option for placing on expensive musical equipment, storage containers, expensive speakers, or other items that would otherwise get ruined by adhesive, they are fully removable and do not leave adhesive residue or break apart. Place one on your Guitar, Keyboard, Speakers or Amps. Simply place them on a clean, smooth surface such as an Instrument, Laptop, iPad or any other flat surface- and proudly display them with no worries! Every Sticker is uniquely personalized with your information making it easy for your visitors to find your profile- and put together carefully hand made in America.

What is NFC? Why should I consider it?

Each Circle Sticker also has an optional add-on pre-programmed NFC tags. NFC tags allow Android users to immediately connect with your SoundCloud Social Network Profile. We program your NFC tags for you as part of our service while printing and preparing your Stickers, simply supply your URL and we’ll handle the rest! You can choose to place the NFC near the logos, or separately nearby. Increase awareness of your Social Network Profiles instantly within your local community now with Android capable NFC. Alternatively you may wish to not include NFC and go with the regular design- the regular design removes the NFC logo and NFC enabled wording. Right now NFC does not work with the iPhone because of Apples decisions- but that might change in the near future now that iPhones have a new NFC chip.

Why is this useful or important?

Our Customized SoundCloud Materials have helped many organizations, artists, DJ's, non-profits, and others who have established SoundCloud Profiles develop a stronger and more local SoundCloud following, ultimately developing a core group of local followers around their SoundCloud community online and off- who really support the organization locally. Never, ever buy followers. Your local community has to grow organically and locally through time and consistent effort. Displaying these beautiful stickers at your location will enhance the effectiveness of your existing local social-profile awareness campaigns as well as start conversations regarding your online presence.

Where can they be used or placed?

The wonderful thing about AnyCling™ is that it can be placed on (or cling to) nearly ANY flat surface. Great for Gig equipment, instruments, or flat plastic items. The stick strong but entirely removable. Additionally it can be placed on most electronic devices or machines, perfect for Laptops, iPads, Tablets, or similar areas without any risk of damaging the expensive equipment.