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Hello! Welcome to FollowMeSticker!

FollowMeSticker has been creating beautiful, personalized, premium quality removable or permanent, indoor and outdoor unique stickers, decals and table tents for customers across the world since early 2011. Now we pride ourselves by producing high quality long-lasting premium quality materials that are easy to work with, they're very easy to install or remove! They survive harsh weather environments like rain, ice, or all day sunshine and high heat. Your visitors will appreciate the quality of your colorful personalized stickers, and they will keep working for you - over and over - for as long as they're on display! We even have Wi-Fi Stickers and Hashtag stickers, so your visitors know exactly how to log-in and share the good word about your location! Featured on the FollowMeSticker.com website are new colorful and beautiful personalized Social Media Stickers including popular networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook "Like Us" Stickers, Check-in varieties, Google Plus, Snapchat, and many others, as well as the ability to order unique customizations on your Personalized Social Media Decals for other popular networks too on The QuickPack Page (Discontinued for now). Depending on the product, type your social media profile URL into the sticker preview, on the preview itself, below the preview, or in the checkout box during checkout! Type your unique wording or customizations on your premium quality personalized social media marketing materials during checkout. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at http://followmesticker.com/contact and be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates at http://twitter.com/followmesticker, and check out our latest Photos on http://instagram.com/fmsphotos

About FollowMeSticker.com

Thanks for visiting! We are a small company located in California U.S.A that makes Social Media Stickers for business (and many other organizations such as colleges and non-profits!) that help increase word-of-mouth locally online and offline, this can translate directly into increased sales or activity around your Organization! How? When a customer or visitor spots one of the stickers, they instantly know two things: 1. Your Brand or Organization has a Social Media Presence, and 2. Where to connect with your Brand or Organization online! The customer or visitor then goes online (sometimes on their Smartphone) and either "Tweets" a post on Twitter, follows your Facebook Fan Page, or adds a Photo with Hashtags on Instagram, among other popular activities your stickers can remind them to do! Visitors could ask questions, share what your company posts, keep up to date with the latest discounts, or even connect with others who associate with your brand based on your local network. This buzz of activity can turn into more sales for the local business owner or more activity for the local organization! But it's not just about business too, growing a local online following can be hugely beneficial for any organization (as we've seen) such as a Non-profit or Universities, Cities and other community-focused organizations such as Libraries. But don't take it from us — read what some of our customers have had to say on our testimonials page.

We are very proud to be celebrating SEVEN YEARS in Business!

We've now sent quality custom social media stickers to organizations and small businesses in every state in America and over 30 countries overseas!

Some notable organizations have been Goodwill, the City of Miami Police Department, the Eastern Michigan University College of Education, the Balmain Veterinary Hospital and North Coast Holiday Parks both in Australia, the City of McAllen Parks and Recreation in Texas, the Hernando County Public Library System in Florida, Bakersfield Sports Nutrition in California, Aloha Plus in Hawaii, and Yogurt Nation in Tennessee - to name just a few, we wish we could mention everyone!

We are looking forward a very productive next 7 years!

Why FollowMeSticker?

FollowMeSticker.com saves local business owners and local community organizations time by making it easy to get your own "custom" or "personalized" high quality social media sticker. By custom we mean that it has your brands Social Media Username or Profile Page location on the stickers. This way customers (or fans of your organization) know where to look online to find your Social Profiles. We've also spent a lot of time making specialized materials to allow for a great variety of placements depending on your organizations needs.

But why should your local business or organization get Social Network Stickers... or understand what Twitter and Facebook and Google+ and all that mean? Why bother with Social Networks like Instagram or Snapchat? Well... all you have to understand is that there are large audiences who utilize Facebook, Twitter, and similar Social Networks. In fact, people may spend more time on Facebook than they do searching and surfing online. When people start talking about your business or organization on these networks, that is technically digital word-of-mouth.

If you know and understand the importance of word-of-mouth, then you can understand the importance of working to increase buzz or activity both online and offline, locally! I products are designed to stand out and be visible from a distance and to help your visitors know where to get active online because nearly every single product has YOUR unique custom URL/handle listed on them.

More About FollowMeStickers

Our sticker materials are developed and made in the USA! We print each one with your custom username, prepared with UV Protective coating, hand trimmed, and shipped to your door.

We are ALWAYS working on some new sticker options and new placement options, as well as other ways to help customers be alerted of your brands Social Network Profiles.

It is our goal to help local businesses and other local organizations including libraries, community centers, fire stations, schools, police stations and others increase visitors, increase visitor activity online, increase local organizations followings and help them grow their local online community.

We hope our stickers help any organization get more connected with the local community when they display our stickers. Thanks for reading!


General Sticker Placement Instructions:

• Before placing any stickers, avoid using harsh chemicals to clean desired placement area.
• Ensure surface is completely clean and dry and free of dust or dirt.
• Find the liner and peel back just one corner of the liner, push the back liner flat to fold it.
• You should now have a folded liner with the sticky part showing.
• Align the sticker straight where you wish to place it, then carefully push the back down.
• Slowly peel back the rest of the liner while applying the sticker to the desired surface.
• Try to avoid placing in all-day sunlight to extend the life of your sticker which also depends on sticker type: Extreme termperatures or wet environments over time (eventually) may cause: discoloration or curling. Sticker Types are listed below. Make sure you select the right sticker for the job!

An Explanation of Our Social Media Stickers, Products and Their Uses

Depending on your location, customers, fans, and business or organization we realize certain combinations of Social Stickers, Decals, Table Tents, etc... might work better than others! As every business is different, what might work very well for one may not work so well for another- but we have noticed some trends that are working and not. This info below should help you understand the differences between our products, and how you can utilize them the best to your advantage.

Specialized Outdoor (or Indoor) Removable Sticker/Decals.

These Social Media Stickers are made primarily for outdoors (but are used indoors effectively too!). They are suitable for almost any flat surface outside (or inside). These are Perfect for cars, vans, trucks, boatsglass, laptops, speakers, gear, etc! They are Safe for placing on expensive equipment and leave no adhesive residue, they feature UV Protection, and Survive extreme heat or cold, rain, snow & air conditioning. These Social Media Stickers feature Photo quality vibrant full-color, and a Permanent option is also available!

If your establishment has wood doors (and no glass entrance or prominent front windows)- we recommend getting the interior removable clings for the wood doors (on in the inside). The removable clings work very well on walls as well as doors. They are essentially non-permanent clings that stick to just about any surface. If your establishment has many mirrors- such as salons/barbers or clothing/wedding planning locations, the removable stickers are great option here as well. Salons and similar establishments love using the mirror clings for each booth as well as in the bathrooms. Wedding planning and Wedding event spaces have seen success placing our removable mirror clings.

Window Decals/Clings: (Discontinued for now)

If you have a glass door, display case, or windows by the entrance, we recommend getting some interior window clings/decals. The interior clings get placed on the inside glass- with the graphics facing out. Depending on your customers you might want to be more subtle... or "go big". For the more subtle options we are introducing 1.83" Small Circle Stickers. If you want to ensure your customers know where to go- the larger Circle WinDECALS work well!

Interior Window Cling/Decal are designed primarily for the inside window, facing outside, but work on the inside of glass display cases too. The adhesive is on the printed side that faces out.

Table Tents:

For most establishments... we highly recommend having one or two table tents at the checkout or front desk. This is where customers are most likely to take a moment to scan your QR code or ask you about the benefits of becoming a Fan or Follower of your Brand. If your location has many tables around- our case studies (especially casual restaurants or sandwich shops) have shown that the more table tents you show- the quicker your local fans/followers will grow. (some) Restaurants and Bars who have placed table tents on tables have seen a dramatic increase in new Fans per week.

Custom Offer Table Tents and Custom Offer products (Discontinued for now)

Custom Offer Table Tents for Facebook allow you to put a message to further help encourage customers to join your Facebook Fan Page - such as for a Vet: "Like us and receive a free pack of dog treats or cat treats" as seen on the video posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7mcKSaytTI - you can put any short message you like! We also just added Custom Offer Large Stickers, Window Decals, and Removable Clings.

Standard Stickers: (Discontinued for now)

If your establishment has shelves, signs, equipment boxes, containers, and places that you'd want a long lasting sticker for, our Standard Stickers are high quality gloss with a long lasting color. They are permanent, and once placed unless tampered with they will not come off and stay bright for up to a year. Some of our products work outside. However, If your establishment has no glass door and you really want outside customers to know you're on Social Networks, if your door is protected by a shade out of the sun and the rain- you can use one of our permanent stickers (Standard Stickers, Large Stickers) with a UV covering to protect it from dust and dew. We actually recommend getting UV protectant for our Standard Stickers as well to make them last even longer. For Indoors we also have a popular Removable option, called AnyCling, any of our Removable items are non-permanent but have a firm stick and feature a glossy UV protective shine.