Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business

Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business

Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business

If your business is starting to understand the importance of promoting your company over social media, then it will benefit you to take some time to learn about Instagram, one of the most popular and currently fastest growing social networks online today.

1. Use Instagram to Showcase Fun Images from your Location

Do you run a fun location? Do you have dress-up days, shop parties or even love to have pets around? Have special blends, unique customers, or quirky shop layouts? Whatever makes your place of business fun and unique, be sure to take photographs and showcase them on your Instagram. People love fun pictures, and the higher quality photos you post, the more likely they will be shared and liked. Try to post a good mix of casual pictures, such as you and your employees enjoying themselves with customers along with some purposeful pictures, such as shots of your newest products or specials.

2. Follow the Trends or Relevant Tags

To get more out of your social media posts, you’ll need to stay on top of the trending hashtags and relevant hashtags. When a relevant hashtag is "trending," it means that many people are currently using and looking at it, which provides a great opportunity. Many of the same Hashtags that are popular on Instagram are also trending on Twitter. There are a few free services to look over the currently trending hashtags and help find the right ones. Be sure to pick the ones that are most relevant to your business, and make posts that somehow relate to that subject. This will ensure your posts are seen by the right people - and don’t forget to consider local hashtags to help reach people who are searching locally. A Quick Twitter search we just did as typing this article for “#losangeles #bagel” gives 5 Instagram pics in Los Angeles, California, that’s quite astounding!

3. Use an Instagram Window Sticker from

Using social media isn't only about attempting to bring customers into your business. It's important to also expose your current customers or visitors to your location to your Instagram and other social-media Profiles. By placing an Instagram window sticker on your glass window or doorway (We call these Instagram Interior Window Clings), you will expose more people to your Brand or Organizations social network. Even if some of these people are already loyal customers or supporters, having a wider network to like and share your photographs will always bring in more visitors over time. You can have an Instagram window sticker made at any local print shop, or simply order an affordable a customized Instagram Interior Window Cling one right here on as we have many different designs ready to go, as well as QR code and NFC Programming and Integration, all you have to do is let us know the Username or Profile URL! Simple as that!

We hope you enjoy showing off your Photos on Instagram and please let us know you profile page so we can go and look! Wishing you the best in Social Media Word-of-mouth Success -The Team