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Just a short update here, Bitly has apparently stopped offering QR code generation. Don't worry- generated QR codes appear to remain working, but new codes cannot be made. Bitly was the best at making QR codes- they were the easiest for many devices to read, not to mention the great stats that came with them. We must've missed something here at because the added value of Bitly QR codes was great! We've used Bitly for years but now we'll have to move to If you haven't tried you should check it out. Once you've shortened your URL, simply add a .qr to the end and Google uses its Charts API to generate your code. You can adjust values like the width and height using the URL, as well as even adjust the space around the code.

We hope this helps anyone who are looking for an alternative to Bitly now that they have dropped QR code support. Hopefully this is all a long and terrible April fools joke, but it has been a good week since the first with no signs of coming back. So long Bitly, we have loved you!

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