Follow me on Twitter stickers

Quality Twitter followers with "Follow Me Sticker", and why you shouldn't try to follow everyone under the sun.

Are you looking to get more twitter followers? Many websites claim that they can get you more twitter followers quickly if you buy them — but be careful, these twitter followers probably don't really care about your twitter account. Twitter also limits the speed at which followers can be obtained and usually has a 2000 follow limit for new accounts, this is done on purpose. Before you go out and start trying services to increase that follower count, realize that Twitter is built around social interaction. It doesn't help having thousands of followers if none of them really care about your brand. A tightly knit group people who love what your company is doing, and who love to share each good 140 character tweet-update about your business, is what you are looking to build with Twitter. Quality > Quantity on Twitter.

A marketing plan should not put all their eggs in the Twitter basket... but lets focus on Twitter and our Stickers right now though: The businesses that are learning or already know the benefits of developing a local and active community around their brand using Twitter are the ones that would understand the benefits of our Twitter Stickers. The goal behind a "Follow Me Sticker" for Twitter is to make local customers and people who are already fans and advocates aware that the brand can directly communicated via Twitter, this information can also now easily be shared with friends using that Social Network channel. Since so many people are using Social Networks, many of them have a direct, communicative, connection with not only their good friends, but acquaintances, co-workers, family, extended family, and even online friends. Where once people would share with only their close friends, now certain things like good deals, local discounts, brand updates and local news is shared to this extended online network as fast as a tweet. This is another reason why the people you follow matter a lot. If you don't follow the right people, who will want to share your news?

Instead of labeling our stickers with "Get More Twitter Followers", we decided to encourage that communication and labelled them with "Send me a tweet", that is just like saying hello on Twitter to get the conversations going. Our goal with your Twitter stickers is to help your business get more word of mouth going. If you believe your brand can take advantage of our Twitter Stickers, we would love to hear from you, be sure to follow us on twitter and... Send us a Tweet! @FollowMeSticker. If you already have some Follow Me Twitter Stickers, please let us know how you are using them and the results.