Stickers for Facebook Marketing

Raising awareness of your Facebook Fan Page Locally

Personalized Facebook Stickers can help raise awareness for your Fan Page, locally through online word-of-mouth!

Here at, we want to make beautiful social media promotional products to help organizations, brands, and any other group or individual gain a more local online following. We believe that developing a more local following (both online and offline) helps raise awareness for your organization and its goals. How can an organization develop a more local following both offline and online? One of the ways to develop an offline following is word-of-mouth through great experiences. Experiences are valuable and definitely worth sharing. If visitors leave with a happy experience, they are very likely to tell friends and family - next thing you know, more and more people are coming by.

The same applies online, although it is limited and quite different. Visitors come to your location, have a great experience, and in this day and age, they can write a short review, post a blog, tell friends on Social Networks, or share their experience on a wide variety of different places online almost instantly. Due to the popularity of Facebook, visitors are very likely to share their experience with friends and family through this network. Because of this, many organizations are developing a Facebook Marketing Plan soon after creating their Facebook Fan Page. As many organizations are setting up a new Facebook Fan Page and developing their Facebook Marketing Strategy, so too are they learning about precise location targeting via advertising.

But, even with the location targeting and huge network popularity of networks like Facebook, for some organizations advertising spend doesn't seem going as far as it used to, posts aren't getting as much attention as they did before, and yet... visitors are expecting more genuine and authentic experiences both offline and online, and closer relationship with their favorite new Fan Page - with you! So what to do?

Fans still want to see what is going on occasionally on your Fan Page, and get an inside look. With that in mind, when developing a new Facebook Marketing Strategy, we ask your organization to consider including into your Facebook Marketing Plan this year: Displaying a Facebook Sticker somewhere in sight will remind your visitors that they can share their positive experience online too if they want to - not just offline.

This goes beyond merely building awareness for your Fan Page as it encourages local word-of-mouth awareness of your organization both online and off. We've created a wide variety of promotional tools and more recently we are happy to introduce our elegant Circular AnyCling™ Stickers pictured below. These have been popular among Hair Salons, Fitness Stores, Local Food & Drink Establishments, Real Estate and many more.

We hope you have fun growing your positive word-of-mouth experiences locally, both online and off!