Order iPhone NFC Stickers and iPhone NFC Decals from FollowMeSticker

Apple finally announced NFC capability for new iPhones!

FollowMeSticker.com will be working on further updates to iPhone NFC sticker functionality and ensure locations can leverage new social media connections via the massive amounts of iPhone users. Order your iPhone NFC stickers today!

When we first created NFC stickers for social media promotion, we were quite convinced that iPhone would follow Android in introducing NFC soon after. That's why we decided that the value of NFC should be included as an option for our customers on our unique, personalized, long-lasting stickers. After years past that hope slowly faded. It was in 2012 that many rumors started flying around if the iPhone 'would probably have NFC soon' and ever since then we've been wondering "would it be this year?", we've had thousands of customers get confused (as it is quite confusing) about the differences in iPhone and Android with regards to NFC. On nearly every single one of our product pages are the words "Many Android devices are capable, and there are rumors that Apple might decide to allow it on the iPhone soon." and "NFC functions currently do not work on the iPhone." Thousands of our customers have been requesting iPhone functionality from us every year—but we were unable to promise that iPhone would function since the chip and software capabilities were not keeping up with Android NFC functionality. Now, finally, with the latest news from Apple we can finally have some answers and ensure that customers wanting to order custom Android and iPhone NFC capable stickers have more confidence that it would work with both Android and iPhone and last a long time.

FollowMeSticker.com continues to be committed to offering more options to customers both in the USA and Internationally. One of the differences in the Android vs iPhone NFC functionality is that iPhone users will still be required to install an App that then reads the tags, as apposed to the non-app requirement of Android. Still, this is a massive improvement overall from not having any NFC or only NFC for payments. We have been informed that the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X may function correctly with NFC stickers and an NFC app on the latest update to iOS 11.

Over the next few weeks we will be improving the navigation flow regarding iPhone enabled NFC stickers, and we will be working to ensure that retroactively all previous stickers that we have ever sent out must function as expected on iPhone 8 with NFC apps, and iPhone X with NFC apps.

Our iPhone NFC stickers and Android NFC stickers should function as expected on these devices and future Apple NFC-friendly devices. We encourage you to please follow us on @followmesticker or check back here on the blog for more NFC-decal and iPhone NFC-sticker updates.