Setting a Fan Page Name or Facebook Fan Page Username.

This is a short guide on how to set your fan page name or fan page username, some call it a facebook username but it's a little different since its strictly for your Fan Page.. Although the number might have changed, last we heard Fan Page's had to have a minimum of 25 fans before you can register a Fan Page Username, or Fan Page Vanity URL.

  • Look at the top right of your new Fan Page for the "Edit Page" button and click that to open the drop down.
  • From the list choose "Update Info"
  • Now make sure the tab on the left shows "Basic Information"
  • On the right look for the text that says "Change username" in the "username" section, click the button to begin changing your username.
  • Select the page from the list of available pages, some of you may only have one page, others might have a few. Proceed to selecting a username and then select "Check Availability" to see if it is already taken or not.

If all goes well, you should see a box that says "Username Available" - with a few reminders on the rules, these are very important to read. Once you've confirmed everything is 100% correct, click "Confirm", you should now be able to access your new vanity URL and understand what your custom username is.