Facebook Table Tent

Facebook Table Tent made from sturdy plastic, double-sided display utilizing QR-Codes for smartphone scanning. Features a glossy protective plastic cover with UV-Protect cardstock insert making them suitable to place at checkout or on tables around your location.


$12.95 per 1

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Each Facebook Table Tent comes with a QR code linking to your Facebook Profile. The shiny plastic of the tent keeps the design safe and makes the tent itself last a long time. As long as we know the correct URL for your page, we can generate your free trackable QR Code! Table tents are a great option. People who see them know where to go to check out the latest posts, updates, pictures, special offers, or any of the latest news you've decided to share on your online Facebook community! Placing these Facebook Table Tents where customers are most likely to see them lets customers know that your brand is active in the Facebook Community and is sharing information to others online via the Facebook Social Network.

More and more people have smartphones these days and are able to load up the Facebook App- and follow your Facebook profile! Your posts on Facebook can potentially be shared with friends and family locally, just one of the many benefits of local digital word of mouth!

Our Customized Facebook Materials have helped many businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, government programs, and other organizations who have established Facebook Profiles develop a stronger and more local Facebook following, ultimately developing a core group of local followers around their Facebook community who really support the brand locally!

Our Table Tents are quite affordable and made from quality plastic manufacturers here in the USA! The inserts are glossy cardstock with long-lasting colors and a gloss finish. Each tent comes with UV-Protection to ensure they last a long time. Optionally (elsewhere on the store) you may order the Table Tents to include NFC tags as well. If you want to increase awareness of your Social Media Communities we know our unique marketing & awareness materials will accomplish the job! This one small investment keeps working for you over and over again

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Data sheet

Height 4.25"
Width 5.5"
Material See-through Plastic Tent with UV-Protect Cardstock
Designed For Indoor Display, such as front-desk, checkout, events, reception, on table.
Instructions Unpack Tent and place on desired tables around location. Adjust insert if necessary.
NFC No NFC tags included.
Protection UV-Protect: sun-resistance, Weather-protect: Heat/Cold/Wet/Dry. Oily Finger protection.
Durability Lasts between 2-7 years depending on placement.