SOLID Wi-Fi Sign Decal with Dry-Erase Access Code 6.5"inch Blue

This is one "SOLID COLOR" 6.5"inch "ULTRA" inch Circular "FREE Wi-Fi" Sign Decal for smooth flat surfaces, featuring a dry-erase area for writing weekly or monthly free wi-fi access codes. Long-lasting premium quality with UV-protect.


More info

Placing these Wi-Fi Sign Decals allow customers to log-in to your local wi-fi, increasing the chances of them sharing your location on social networks or telling friends and family about your location. This sign lets visitors know the access code for your local wi-fi.

Sizing & Details

6.5"inch "ULTRA" Wi-Fi sticker/decal/sign with a space for dry-erase access code. Each one comes with a glossy coating. Simply remove the white backing and carefully place your decal on a clean surface. This size is large and visible without being overwhelming. The text and fonts are crisp, clear, legible, and effective. The border around the predominantly white design is proven to be eye-catching and increase awareness as it separates the design from most backgrounds. This one small investment keeps working for you over time.

Why is this useful?

Our Customized Materials have helped many businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, government programs, parks, recreation programs, small business, franchises, and other organizations who have established Online Profiles develop a stronger and more local Online following. Make sure your visitors can access your local wi-fi!

Data sheet

Height 6.5"
Width 6.5"
Material Outdoor or Indoor Vinyl Removable Composite
Designed For Outdoor or Indoor Display, Smooth Surfaces such as Glass, Fridges, Vehicles.
Instructions Clean surface to remove dust before placement. Simple Peel n' Stick! Avoid harsh chemical cleaning agents.
NFC No NFC tags included.
Protection UV-Protect: sun-resistance, Weather-protect: Heat/Cold/Wet/Dry. Oily Finger protection.
Durability Lasts between 2-7 years depending on placement.