Like Us on Facebook Sticker - - Social Media Stickers is offering several different types of Facebook Circle Stickers and Instagram Circle Stickers. A great option though is a " Like us on Facebook Sticker" in Circular format.
Like us on Facebook Sticker

Why get a Like Us on Facebook Sticker?

Stickers, table tents, and other local promotional materials can help local visitors connect with your organization online. If you use hashtags and local-specific hashtags you can encourage a conversation online around your brand, this will draw in more visitors to your location. Social networks are simply a very limited extension of the social world around us. If you encourage word of mouth online and locally, that will translate directly into more conversations and interest in your organization. You can develop a stronger local community around your brand or location.

At FollowMeSticker has spent years testing, trying, developing and improving our products and this continues every week. You may now order window-friendly decals, stickers, circle stickers, removable decals, table tents and other signs with "Like Us On Facebook" and any other verbiage you require - just let us know in the details box or checkout box! FollowMeSticker will change any text you see on the product preview to your own text.

FollowMeSticker also offers Table Tents for Facebook. These not only can have a "Like Us on Facebook" call to action if you like, but also has a very noticeable and large Facebook icon and Brand Username that follows the Official Facebook Brand Guidelines. This is ideal to place at the checkout so more customers see it.

Click the link below to see how you can obtain your own personalized sticker, simply type in your Facebook Page Info. If you don't have a Facebook URL, be sure to visit the link below to learn more about setting one.

How to set your Facebook Fan Page URL: Blog Post: Setting your Fan Page URL for Facebook