Order iPhone NFC Stickers and iPhone NFC Decals from FollowMeSticker

Apple finally announced NFC capability for new iPhones! FollowMeSticker.com will be working on further updates to iPhone NFC sticker functionality and ensure locations can leverage new social media connections via the massive amounts of iPhone users. Order your iPhone NFC stickers today! When we first created NFC stickers for social media promotion, we were quite convinced that iPhone would follow Android in introducing NFC soon after. That's why we decided that the value of NFC should be included as an o [...]  Read more >

The Importance of Thinking Local with Social Media

The Importance of Thinking Local with Social Media The Importance of Thinking Local with Social Media Whether your organization is a community college, a dog grooming service, or a hair salon, local social media updates are a great way for your visitors to get valuable news for your location. Social networking sites offer ways to build local relationships within your community by sharing stories and helping visitors stay informed about the latest happenings. Twitter can be a great place to post short updates and post photos about your location. Using loca [...]  Read more >

Stickers for Facebook Marketing

Raising awareness of your Facebook Fan Page Locally Personalized Facebook Stickers can help raise awareness for your Fan Page, locally through online word-of-mouth! Here at FollowMeSticker.com, we want to make beautiful social media promotional products to help organizations, brands, and any other group or individual gain a more local online following. We believe that developing a more local following (both online and offline) helps raise awareness for your organization and its goals. How can an organizat [...]  Read more >

Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business

Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business Three Tips for Using Instagram For Local Business If your business is starting to understand the importance of promoting your company over social media, then it will benefit you to take some time to learn about Instagram, one of the most popular and currently fastest growing social networks online today. 1. Use Instagram to Showcase Fun Images from your Location Do you run a fun location? Do you have dress-up days, shop parties or even love to have pets around? Have special blends, unique customers, or q [...]  Read more >

Bit.ly stops offering QR Code Generation - Use goo.gl

Bit.ly stops offering QR Code Generation - Use goo.gl Need a bitly alternative? Try goo.gl Just a short update here, Bitly has apparently stopped offering QR code generation. Don't worry- generated QR codes appear to remain working, but new codes cannot be made. Bitly was the best at making QR codes- they were the easiest for many devices to read, not to mention the great stats that came with them. We must've missed something here at FollowMeSticker.com because the added value of Bitly QR codes was great! We've used Bitly for years but now we'll have to move [...]  Read more >

A Basic Introduction to 10 Popular Social Networks

A Basic Introduction to 10 Popular Social Networks An Introduction to 10 Social Networks - 2013 Edition by FollowMeSticker.com A Quick Start Introduction covering the basics of 10 popular Social Networks and how they can benefit your organization. What is a Social Network? Social Networks are web-based services that allow people to interact with each other to make new connections and grow those connections online. Each person has their own limited representation of themselves (a web page with some basic information), often called a “Profile”. People who u [...]  Read more >

Social Media Marketing Glossary for Beginners!

Social Media Marketing Glossary for Beginners! Social Networking and Social Media Basic Terminology for Local Organizations - 2013 Edition by FollowMeSticker.com Use this glossary as a guide to learn the basics of Social Media Terminology! Admin - Short for ‘Administrator’. Facebook Admins are people who create and manage activity for Facebook groups and pages. These Admins are chosen by the Facebook Page owner to disperse information and respond to Like, Comments, Photos, etc. Alert - A service offered by Google that allows users to save specific se [...]  Read more >

Why Should I Seriously Consider Social Media for My Local Business?

Why Should I Seriously Consider Social Media for My Local Business? What does social media mean to your local business? Social media is a major game changer and it’s here to stay. The Internet has fundamentally changed how people find and share information and almost gone are the days of when all you need was a really big Yellow Pages Ad. Remember Agnes? The customer who you’ve done business with for years? She retired and was replaced by Suzie, and Suzie’s world is the on-line world. Your customers are changing and evolving and your ways of reaching them needs to evolve as [...]  Read more >

Why Social Media is Important for Small and Local Business

Social media is here to stay. Love it or hate it, it’s no secret that social media can be a powerhouse of traffic, visibility, leads, and opportunities. But what if your small business or local business is new to social media? Where do you begin and more importantly, why should you care? Here are some solid facts on why your business needs to get on board: Visibility: Social media is where your ideal customer most likely is. Facebook alone boasts over 1 billion users, many of which use the platform daily. [...]  Read more >

Setting a Fan Page Name or Facebook Fan Page Username.

This is a short guide on how to set your fan page name or fan page username, some call it a facebook username but it's a little different since its strictly for your Fan Page.. Although the number might have changed, last we heard Fan Page's had to have a minimum of 25 fans before you can register a Fan Page Username, or Fan Page Vanity URL. Look at the top right of your new Fan Page for the "Edit Page" button and click that to open the drop down. From the list choose "Update Info" Now make sure the [...]  Read more >

Follow me on Twitter stickers

Quality Twitter followers with "Follow Me Sticker", and why you shouldn't try to follow everyone under the sun. Are you looking to get more twitter followers? Many websites claim that they can get you more twitter followers quickly if you buy them — but be careful, these twitter followers probably don't really care about your twitter account. Twitter also limits the speed at which followers can be obtained and usually has a 2000 follow limit for new accounts, this is done on purpose. Before you go out and s [...]  Read more >
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