3 x Wide 11" Vinyl SoundCloud Decals

This is a pack of 3 Wide Stickers for SoundCloud (11 inches wide x 2.8 inches)

Designed for Outdoor (and Indoor) display, including exterior and interior windows, this includes car bodies, vans, and vehicle fleets but can be used on Glass Windows, Boats, Fridges, Cabinets, Chairs, Tables, Walls, Fridges, Equipment, and just about any smooth flat surface.


$21.95 per 3

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More info

When we first started selling stickers we didn't think that car bumper stickers were a good way to develop a local following. Now we understand that there are fleets of vehicles, trucks, buses and vans that some organizations use to promote their brand and want an easy way to add a lasting SoundCloud outdoor vinyl decal with their custom username information. Some examples include painting companies, franchises, radio stations, repair companies, limousine, solar installers, and food catering services that have many vehicles within a local area. Besides begin great for vehicles they are perfect for windows, as many places like public libraries and police stations, or local restaurants, are displaying them on the inside and outside windows.

These decals have been extensively tested with several stress tests including surviving freezing temperatures, all-day sunlight and heat, drenching, and soaking in water. These decals are uniquely designed to be easy to see and read from a distance, that means people who see them know where to go to check out the latest posts, updates, pictures, special offers, or any of the recent news you've decided to share on your online SoundCloud community! Placing these SoundCloud Decals where customers are most likely to see them lets customers know that your brand is active in the SoundCloud Community and is sharing information to others online via the Instagram Social Network. Many people have smartphones and are able to load the SoundCloud App- and instantly follow your SoundCloud profile! Your posts on SoundCloud can potentially be shared with friends and family locally, just one of the benefits of local digital word of mouth! Our Customized SoundCloud Materials have helped thousands of organizations which have established SoundCloud Profiles develop a stronger and more local SoundCloud following over time, ultimately developing a core group of local followers around their SoundCloud community who really support the brand locally!

Sizing & Details

3 SoundCloud Wide Vinyl Decals are 11 inches wide by 2.8 inches tall and are designed for outdoor display Each one comes with a glossy coating that has been tested to survive outdoor extremes. Simply remove the white backing and carefully place your decal on a clean surface. This size is large and visible without being overwhelming. The text and fonts are crisp, clear, legible, and effective. The border around the predominantly white design is proven to be eye-catching and increase awareness as it separates the design from most backgrounds. Careful attention has been paid to ensure consistency in positioning and ensuring up-to-date brand guidelines have been followed. If you want to increase awareness of your Social Media Communities we know our unique marketing & awareness materials will accomplish the job! This one small investment keeps working for you over time.

Why is this useful or important?

Our Customized SoundCloud Materials have helped many businesses, non-profits, schools, universities, government programs, parks, recreation programs, small business, franchises, and other organizations who have established SoundCloud Profiles develop a stronger and more local SoundCloud following. Never buy followers. Your local community has to grow organically and locally through time and consistent effort. Displaying these beautiful stickers at your location will enhance the effectiveness of your existing local social-profile awareness campaigns as well as start conversations regarding your online presence.

Where can they be used or placed?

The great thing about Our Vinyl is that it can be placed on (or cling to) nearly ANY flat indoor or outdoor surface. This means smooth surfaces like flat-wooden doors, glass displays, mirrors, fridges, smooth walls, equipment or flat plastic items. The stick strong but entirely removable. Additionally it can be placed on most electronic devices or machines, fridges, cabinets, perfect for Laptops, iPads, Tablets, at Checkout or similar areas: without any risk of damaging the expensive equipment.

Why three, why not just one?

Besides being more cost-effective for us to prepare in a variety of ways and lowering error-counts, we've found most locations have two or three entrances. Another reason to get more than one is in case there is an unintentional mess-up with the placement, which unfortunately it does happen! Many locations place one on the inside of the window and one on the outside, then another at the checkout. Another reason for three is, even if one is damaged after awhile or even after a few years, you can replace it when it is starting to look a little rough around the edges, no need to log back in, no stress, no worries!

Pre-prep, then Shipping

There is a 3-6 day preparation time for all orders, due to the complexity of materials and personalizations. After that preparation time orders are shipped. Shipping domestic (USA) takes between 2-5 days. Shipping international takes anywhere between 10-15 days. Expedited rates are available. If you need to have Table Tents and Social Media Stickers for your Trade Show or Event however, be sure to order well ahead of time, at least two weeks in advance, while we strive to keep the orders efficient there is always a chance of complications with Shipping or other unexpected delays.

Protect / UV Protect / Moisture Protect

'UV Protect' is now included in all of our decals. It is a glossy layer of durable protection that will help your stickers last a lot longer and look great.
The layer protects from the UV rays of the sun keeping the colors bright, vivid and shiny. The layer also has a great shine and keeps the stickers looking clean, protecting it from dirt, oils, finger oils, humidity, and moisture. We use the same stickers on vehicles and they go through the car-wash just fine.
These Stickers are designed to last both indoors and outside in the rain, in the hot sun, and in freezing temperatures!

Important note: These items do not feature NFC.

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Data sheet

Height 2.8"
Width 11"
Material Outdoor or Indoor Vinyl Removable Composite
Designed For Outdoor or Indoor Display, Smooth Surfaces such as Glass, Fridges, Vehicles.
Instructions Clean surface to remove dust before placement. Simple Peel n' Stick! Avoid harsh chemical cleaning agents.
NFC No NFC tags included.
Protection UV-Protect: sun-resistance, Weather-protect: Heat/Cold/Wet/Dry. Oily Finger protection.
Durability Lasts between 2-7 years depending on placement.