Testimonials from Happy Customers

"We love them!! Better than I even imagined! Looking forward to our next order!"

Cathy's Hair Room at @cathyshairroom on Instagram

“I really like the stickers and I have been referring a lot of my colleagues to you. They have all been asking where I got the stickers from! :) thank you! I will be ordering again soon!
Crystal at @asplashocolor
"Had a super great experience with this company and founder when ordering some stickers! If you are using social media to get your business/brand/skills out there I highly recommend these! Thanks @fmsphotos!"
"Thank you FollowMeSticker! Trustpoint Insurance and Financial Services is getting great response from the window clings at our office and can't wait for the [Wide] Bumper Stickers to arrive!"
Trustpoint Insurance and Financial Services
"I just got my stickers and put them on my shave ice trailer. I love the way they look."
Matt Ream - Mauna Snoa Shave Ice
“I love em they [Facebook Fan Tags] will be my promotional labels”
Josh Obrakta Hemplights non-butane lighters
Facebook Fan Tags Example - Still in protective shipping plastic covering.
"Hi Stuart! They look GREAT!! and the staff and patients love them [.] My office administrator was so impressed, she'd like to place an order for our other practice [.] Thanks again for a great product! [.] I got your company info from my wife who placed an order with you for her employer [.] I'll recommend you anytime i can [.] thanks again..." -John

"Thanks for a great product!! We think they look great on our postcards."
Richard G. Owner of Richards Custom Landscape

Great Example of Fan Tags!
"great for conference badges [...] love the Twitter stickers [Twitter Tags]!"
"Thanks heaps for your sticker! Great product, I'd recommend you to other business's anytime!"
Chatz Fish n' Chips, Australia

"Thank you so much for our stickers! They look brill on our door!"
The Dressing Room, Boutique Prestatyn

Large Sticker Example
"THANKS from Travel of Harrington Park. We love our new sticker!"
Travel of Harrington Park

Full-Size Window Decal Example
"Rec'd our order today. Thanks they look great. You have a wonderful range of products/options so we will definitely be ordering more soon."
/AdvancedChiropracticPS on Facebook

"Peppermint Dental Love the decals! They look great, thanks!"
/PeppermintDental on Facebook

"The stickers are awesome!"
Chevroladies ‏@Chevroladies

"Just got my sticker today! Love it, thanks so much. You guys are great!"
Gypsy's Storm

"Hey guys thanks again for the stickers they are awesome! (View photo)
The stickers are the perfect size, and the QR code reader lets customer go directly to their site without any interruptions"

"Thank you @FollowMeSticker
. Pretty vibrant!"


"Business is growing and our Facebook page has definitely seen more traffic!"

"We love your stickers! One of our best investments!!!"

"This is such a fun and useful Social Media product"

"I love your product and plan on using you from here on out."

"Currently I use FollowMeSticker - really really cool - and so does my client Shogun Japanese Steakhouse here in Louisville Kentucky, and currently they have a Facebook Sticker [...] on the front door, as well as a table tent inside, and I've been noticing probably about 20-30 likes a week, so very very effective and I love them, so all my clients have these on their door, and inside their business. FollowMeSticker.com, very very cool - love it!"

"Collins Diamonds chose to work with FollowMeSticker.com for our qr code promotions because not only are the designs eye catching but also very durable. We have facebook, twitter, and our website stickers on the exterior of our store front. It has not only drawn in more customers but it has also provided our facebook and twitter with a larger following as well. The stickers do not take up much space, but they make a BIG IMPACT!'
Morgan Bartel, Collins Diamonds

"You provide a great product and service, at a reasonable price"

"These things really work"

"Just received my FollowMeSticker delivery! Great idea (Brilliant Product), will be recommending them to certain clients, who would benefit from their use."

"Awesome customer service. If you're a social media nerd like me you gotta get these stickers!!!"


"Sweet! Gotta love @FollowMeSticker ! Excellent customer service! Thanks for the quick fix & fast turnaround!"

"I want more, coolest thing I have gotten in mail in a while"

"Everyone loves my @Girlfriendgroup Follow Me Stickers! Thanks again."

"Thanks for the great "Send me a tweet.." stickers! High quality and a perfect size."

"You went above and beyond! We will definitely recommend you"

"They look great!! The mini QR stickers are AWESOME!"

“I really like the stickers and I have been referring a lot of my colleagues to you. They have all been asking where I got the stickers from! :) thank you! I will be ordering again soon!” — Crystal at @asplashocolor

"These things really work!" — @TheCPAPPeople

"You provide a great product and service at a reasonable price" — @Puncheons